Slovenia - Walking and food tour - nealeb

We thought it would be good to do a walking and food tour to get to know Ljubljana. Given we had arrived and got settled and then headed to the Goriska Brda wine region, we hadn't had a chance to see much of the city on Sunday (15 May) we headed off with our guide. One of the first things we came across was this kangaroo - rather odd being so far from Australia and finding this in a European city. There is a story to it (as there is with everything) - a drinking fountain with the water going into the pouch representing infinity...but there are many more versions of why it is here!

The Ljubljana Castle is perched on top of the hill and we took the funicular up to see the castle, chapel, museum and grounds. It is now the site of many of the local activities, movies under the stars, weddings and restaurants and, on the day we visited, there was a family day where people were dressed in their medieval costumes to show everyone what is would have been like "in the day".

Climbing the steps to the tower....

View from the tower....

Start of our food tour - the famous Kranjska sausage with some baked potato, sauerkraut and turnip....all delicious and different flavours to what we expected....such good comfort food on a cool day!

We tried a number of dishes from various parts of Slovenia (including a soup and home made pasta with wild mushroom sauce, etc) - each with a sample of a different wine. By the end of the tour....let's just say we'd had lunch and didn't need much for dinner!

Tivoli Park....a lovely green space in walking distance from the Old Town.... Ljubljana is a beautiful, clean and green city.

View across the triple bridge to the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation on Preseren Square

Dragon Bridge - the dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and is on Ljubljana's coat of arms