Venice - Photo walk - nealeb

On our second day in Venice, we went on a photo walk which we had booked before leaving home. Marco is a photojournalist from Venice who works in London but travels to a number of destinations to cover events. His story is very interesting and it was more like walking with a friend, as he took us from St Mark's Square to explore the less tourist parts of Venice (these photos have been taken early before the tourist crowds crawl through the main areas).

Before we got too far into the walk, Marco took us to a small patisserie (one of the few that still do their own baking on site) for a cappuccino and almond croissant (still warm from the oven). The pastry was so light and delicious and, since, then, this has become a daily tradition!

As we were walking along, we came across these two elderly men having a catch up...and it was obviously washing day in the neighbourhood!

After we said goodbye to Marco, we wandered through the Rialto fruit and vegetable and fish markets and picked up a punnet of strawberries to eat while we were there - so delicious and sweet.

We also stopped by to try some cicchetti (tapas) for lunch. There are a number of cicchetti bars and each do something a little different .... and, of course, we had to sample a gelato recommendation....we tried a very rich chocolate and coffee ice cream (which was close to pure chocolate with a hit of coffee) and a pistachio and salt one. No other flavours have been sampled to date, but we have to admit returning for the pistachio and salt one again - so good!

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