Venice - Day trip to Padua - nealeb

We decided to head out of Venice for a day trip (Tuesday 10 May). We had no set plans (yes, this trip has been a bit different for us!) - just caught the vaporetto to the train station, looked at the train timetables and decided where we would go...and Padua it was!

We caught the fast train which we had done previously in Italy and were reminded how good they are - so quiet and travel at speeds up to 215 kph. It only took about 35 minutes to get to Padua and we just set out to explore after getting a map from the Tourist Information Office at the train station. The only problem was that the attractions were marked on the map in Italian....a little lacking in forethought for a tourist map!

Back to more walking...and we headed down to Basilica di sant'Antonio (St Anthony of Padua). On the way, we came across a filming - the model was posed on the edge of a bridge.

The basilica was a very imposing church and the surrounding area was a great meeting place for locals.

After we arrived back (and had walked over 18km, according to the Garmin), our sore feet made it to our local wine bar (called 5000) where we treated ourselves to another Spritz. We decided that our weary legs did not want to make it 5 doors to our apartment without first having dinner, so we stayed on at Luca Sentada for some delicious pasta (not to mention the cod fish and fried polenta appetizer we shared!). Of course, we needed to finish it off by sharing semi-freddo for dessert with a glass of Recioto della Valpolicella (a sweet red dessert wine)....a very nice end to the day.

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