Slovenia - Soca valley - nealeb

It was a beautiful day on Saturday - perfect blue skies and temperature was expected to reach the mid-20's.

We headed off for a spectacular day of scenery and, between the alps, mountain pass and rivers, it certainly was beautiful. Our coffee stop was at Kranjska Gora - a cute little place which would become a  hive of activity in winter with skiing and winter sports. Scenery is so different to what we are used to. The air was so fresh and clear and the sky so blue....

Jasna lake....such clear (cool) water!

The road climbed up towards the pass.

This is a memorial to the Russian soldiers who build the road - quite a number were killed in an avalanche.

At the highest point on the Vrsic pass, we stopped for a "snack" (some local specialties). Who would have thought we would be seeing (or standing on) snow during these holidays?

The beautiful rivers - crystal clear water straight from the mountains with a water temperature of around 6 degrees! The temperature of these rivers usually reaches a maximum temperature of only 9 degrees. Some choose to go kayaking or white water rafting in these parts - we chose to remain dry and enjoy the warm day!

Another "snack"...a sampling plate of some local salami, cheeses and delicious potatoes. The cottage cheese was sheep's cheese - a different (stronger) flavour to the cottage cheese we are used to. We also tried dipping our bread into pumpkin seed oil, also a local specialty. It's a dark green colour and tastes like roasted peanuts.

A little bit of exercise to balance the food....a walk to a waterfall.

Green, green beautiful.

A World War I memorial....this area was the scene of battles between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops. As we travelled over the mountains, we saw bunkers and remnants from the war. There are also a number of cemetries and tributes to those who have fallen in the battles.

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