Slovenia - Skocjan caves and Piran - nealeb

On Tuesday (24 May), we left our Ljubljana apartment and headed firstly to Skocjan Caves (on the UNESCO list for natural and cultural world heritage sites). These caves were quite different to Postojna Caves - more natural and large, with a river flowing through the cave that created a mist and rather eerie feeling.

Ivana (our guide) took us to a lookout where we were able to see Trieste in Italy and the entire Slovenian coastline. Visibility was particularly good on this day and we could also see quite a portion of the Italian coastline.

We headed to Piran, one of the pretty little coastal towns in Slovenia. Because of the proximity, it had an Italian (and, in particular, Venetian) influence.

When at the seaside and it's lunch time....what's one to do? In these parts, it is common to have potatoes and spinach served with the meal.

A view of Piran....and from here, we said goodbye to beautiful Slovenia and headed for the Croatian border to start our next adventure in Rovinj.

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