Slovenia - Incognita - nealeb

We didn't know the destination of our trip today (Monday 23 May). When our guide, Urska, picked us up this morning, we found out we were going to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, north of Ljubljana. Locals often go hiking here, either for the day or sometimes they rent a hut for
a few days.

We arrived and, after a coffee, got the cable car up to the top. The steepness of the alps was very evident on our way up and it's quite obvious that most mountains in Australia are small in comparison.

When we reached the end of the cable car run, there was further walking up hill. There is a chair lift which operates on Fridays and across the weekend but, unfortunately, not today! Luckily, the staff who work at one of the huts had an easier option of getting there.

This man is in his 80's and used to be a shepherd - he still makes the trek up each day in costume to show people how life used to be.

With Urska....some of the hut accommodation on the mountain.

It was quite windy here - the thermometer was registering about 11 degrees but we suspect there was a wind chill factor that made it somewhat colder!

In the warmth of one of the huts, we had a hearty, traditional Slovenian lunch - Kranjska sausages, sauerkraut and buckwheat, along with a local Lasko beer. Meal portions are pretty generous in Slovenia!

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