Slovenia - Goriska Brda tour - nealeb

Our first tour of the Slovenian countryside was to the Goriska Brda region - referred to as the Tuscany of Slovenia and it is easy to see why....beautiful rolling hills covered with vineyards. The countryside is also so lush and green but, as well as seeing the countryside, we had to sample some of the local produce! The first winery we visited was a family run, organic, winery which also has guest rooms - a very relaxing spot. We should point out that the liqueur bottles were not emptied by us....we only had a small sample after the wine tasting! These liqueurs are also made by the wine producer.

Sampling some of the farm grown cherries was also a highlight - delicious!

Talking about cherries, there were a couple of weird ones who had to do the embarrassing tourist photo!

Lunch at one of the restaurants in the region was also a highlight.

After lunch, it was on to another winery which has part of its vineyards in Italy and part in Slovenia (the borders have changed over the years). This vineyard has started an annual wine and art event - each year they get artists to come in and paint the ends of the barrel. A few wines - white, orange, rose and red - were sampled here and, after this, we unfortunately had to call it a day and head back to Ljubljana.

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