Slovenia - Alpine lakes tour - nealeb

The day of our Alpine Lakes tour had arrived - most people who visit Slovenia go to see Lake Bled but we decided to do an extended trip and see a little more, so headed off on Monday (16 May) with a couple from Belgium and a father/daughter from Canada.

Lake Bled is just how you see it on postcards. The traditional pletna boats are used to take people across to the island in the middle of the lake. These boats are known only in Bled and the task of being a pletna oarsman is handed down from generation to generation.

After our time on the island, we headed to the castle - this is the view that is usually associated with Bled.

A visit to Bled wouldn't be complete without the famous Bled cream cake (on the right), although we decided to try the variation with strawberries. The cake on the left is also a traditional cake (grmada) which is made up of cake, rum, raisins and custard....both delicious, and such a peaceful view sitting beside the lake in the sunshine.

It wasn't all eating...we headed to the Bled Vintgar Gorge for a walk - such a beautiful spot with the pristine clear water. We had to stop for a photo every 10 steps, so you are lucky we have kept the rest of these photos for another time!

We travelled through the Triglav National Park, around many corners and through the forest where there was still snow on the ground in parts. Eventually we came to a little village where we had lunch - this is the view and, yes, it was a little cool.

We visited Lake Bohinj but, unfortunately, it had started raining by this time. After this, we went on to the Savica waterfall and the rain had stopped. There were many steps to the waterfall but the view at the top was amazing.

The waterfall has its source of water coming from hidden underground passages and lakes. It is difficult to photograph the magnitude of the landscape as the mountain is about twice as high as the waterfall.

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